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PolyMC Launcher 1.20, 1.19.4 → 1.18.2

Free and open-source Minecraft launcher for easy mod and instance management.

DeveloperπŸ‘€PolyMC Contributors
Support OS
CreatedDec 28, 2021
UpdatedFeb 19, 2023
  • 4.5 (2)

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The PolyMC Launcher is a free and open-source launcher designed exclusively for modded versions of Minecraft that focus on simplicity, user freedom, and long-term stability. It enables you to effortlessly manage many installs, accounts, instances, and Minecraft mods simultaneously.

In addition to letting you manage accounts and Minecraft mods, the PolyMC Launcher provides a wide range of useful functions. You can quickly end a Minecraft session if it freezes or crashes using the launcher. Additionally, you can edit, rename, and even copy the features of your Minecraft worlds. All versions of Minecraft and snapshots that the normal Minecraft launcher supports are also supported by the PolyMC Launcher.

Additionally, this launcher incorporates Forge and Fabric, enabling mod management, automatic installation, and downloading of various Minecraft versions. Additionally, you can share your Minecraft instances with other players by importing and exporting them. Additionally, you can manage in-game screenshots, server and client text logs, and more.


Over 30 features are available in PolyMC Launcher to enhance your gaming experience.

How To Install PolyMC Launcher

You can install PolyMC by following these steps:

  1. Go to the PolyMC website and download the installer for your operating system or check below download links.
  2. Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install PolyMC.
  3. Once installed, open PolyMC and create a new Minecraft instance.
  4. Customize the instance by adding mods and resource packs, as desired.
  5. Launch the instance and start playing Minecraft with your chosen mods.


  • PolyMC can also manage multiple Minecraft accounts, so if you have multiple accounts, you can easily switch between them using PolyMC.
  • PolyMC can also download and update modpacks, mods, and resource packs from Modrinth and CurseForge, so you don’t need to download and install manually.

πŸ“₯ PolyMC Launcher β€” Download

Something You Should Know

  • Our links are only from the official developer, so you can be sure they are secure.
  • No modifications or edits are made to the files.
  • πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» PolyMC Contributors is the creator of PolyMC Launcher

πŸ”„ Update Logs



This contains a fix for another security vulnerability related to zip file imports, so please don’t import any zip files you don’t trust unless you’re on the latest version.


  • Fixed invalid file paths in MMCZip’s extractSubDir.
  • Handled single files in copy tasks.
  • Made modrinth text layout normal.
  • Cleaned and compressed Floppas.
  • Fixed instance copy on Linux and macOS.

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