hoo00’s Shaders for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9.4

hoo00’s Shaders for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9.4

If you’re looking for a shader pack that displays decent shadow effects even for non-vanilla blocks and textures, it would be worthwhile to take a look at hoo00’s Shaders Pack B, which is actually the only version of the pack despite the name which would lead people to believe there may be an A version of the pack out there. Maybe the pack is just named B? It’s hard to tell. This particular shader pack was designed to work with early Minecraft 1.12 versions as well as late 1.11 instances.

The shadows and shading effects in hoo00’s Shaders Mod 1.12.2 are some of the best around, even if the lighting seems to suffer in some places. These shadows blend realistically, even when they’re being cast on, or from, blocks which don’t appear in vanilla Minecraft. This might seem like a little thing, but for any player who has ever seen the weirdness of strange shadows that move on their own and flicker, you will understand what a nice feature this really is. Terrain shadows also remain still and do not move while the player moves, which is another issue with many shaders.

Requirements for hoo00’s Shaders Pack B are surprisingly meager considering how much good the shader pack does for the visuals in Minecraft. It is an almost perfect blend of great visuals and great performance, though it does tend to lean towards the visuals, so you’re going to want a decent GPU if you plan on using this. Something in the GT500 series or above would probably do the trick at median resolutions, but you’ll need something better if you want to take your display up to huge sizes like 2560×1080. Integrated Intel graphics aren’t going to do the job here.

For a shader pack with great shadow effects that aren’t buggy and glitch when players move around in the world, you could do a lot worse than hoo00’s Shaders Pack B. The only real complaint is that color saturation might be too high in some cases, though adjustments could be made to reduce this while increasing sun bleach and therefore fix this little issue. With no major problems, bugs or glitches, this shader mod is easy to install and use immediately, making it a great choice for players who are trying shader mods for the first time.


vB-v3.2.4 for Minecraft 1.12.2 and 1.11.2

  • Fixed glowing chest.
  • Modified SSAO to sample colors.
  • Fixed tangent matrix.

How to install hoo00’s Shaders Pack?

  1. The first step is to download and install the GLSL Shaders Mod  or Optifine Mod on your Minecraft client!
  2. Now go to:
    • Windows => %appdata%\.minecraft
    • Mac OS X => ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
    • Linux => ~/.minecraft
  3. Search for the “shaderpacks” folder.
  4. Move the downloaded .zip into the shaderpacks folder.
  5. Now you can select shader in-game from Options/Shaders!
  6. That was all!
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it crashed my game :D

Darius Play

Where is the 1.12.2 version?

anonymous guy

it is lagless they said
it would run smooth they said

but it looks great but it lags a lot and my fps was below 5


“Low-End” Shaders, they said. This dropped my FPS to below 10, Plunder Pixels only dropped it to 40.


From what little I saw, this pack looks great. My only complaint is that my fps goes down the toilet.