PlunderPixel’s Shaders for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.11.2/1.10.2

The PluderPixel’s Shaders mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 is a light Shader pack designed for realism and provides many Shader features that will make your Minecraft a little more realistic. The Shader were fully overwritten and now features more optimized coding than ever before.

What the PlunderPixel’s Shaders Pack is About

The Shader pack is about making Minecraft a lot more realistic by providing a series of high-quality features. As a result, the game will look absolutely beautiful. However, the Shader pack requires a lot of resources to the PC and is not designed for low-spec PCs.

Advanced Shader effects

PlunderPixel’s Shader pack is not shy on providing wonderful effects and features and uses all the advanced Shader effects as it could without sacrificing performance. Because of the quality of the pack, it is considered on par with many popular Shader Packs like SEUS.

Realistic Sky

One of the most beautiful features of this Shader pack is its ultra-realistic skybox and textures. On top of that, it also features beautiful lighting and bloom effects that make the day and the night absolutely gorgeous.

Dynamic Lights

One of the key features that make the Shader pack beautiful is its wonderful dynamic lighting effect and Shadows.

Jaw-Dropping Water

The physics-based water looks absolutely gorgeous with the addition of reflection and refraction effects. With this pack installed, water will reflect the sky and the landscape, while also refracting light sources. Shiny objects and blocks will also have similar effects on them!

Waving Foliage and Flora

As with most Shader packs, this wonderful pack also features waving grass, flowers, leaves, and more for a more dynamic and immersive world.

Realistic Vibe

The wonderful PlunderPixel’s Shader mod aims to provide quality realism in game, and it delivered greatly. By installing this pack, your Minecraft world, will become a lot more realistic than you started, and it won’t look the same as before.

Should You Use It?

The PluderPixel’s Shader pack is absolutely beautiful. Graphics-wise it makes the game a lot more realistic and immersive. The pack’s highlights are the wonderful reflective and refractive water, gorgeous looking sky, and immersive Shadows and lighting effects. Although the pack requires a lot of resources and might drop your framerate, it is still worth using. If you have a high-end PC with beast specs, then it is a more reason to use this beautiful pack.

How to install PlunderPixel’s Shaders Mod?

The installation for the PluderPixel’s Shaders is the same as your normal Shader pack for Minecraft PC. Before using the Shader pack, make sure to have the latest Graphics drive installed in your system and have either the Optifine mod or the Shader mod installed. To properly install the Shader pack, follow the steps below.

  1. Download and install either Optifine Mod and GLSL Shader Mod
  2. Run Minecraft with the required mod at least once to generate the necessary folder.
  3. Download the Shader pack from below.
  4. Copy the downloaded file and paste it to the Shaderpacks folder inside the Minecraft directory
  5. Activate the Shader inside Minecraft by going to Settings > Video Settings > Shaders.
  6. Enjoy the pack.


  1. ShadowXxX333

    I really love the way this shader looks, but sometimes the sky and my beacon have this really weird dark blue color… and they blend together, so the sky doesnt really look good can you fix this??? Oh and sometimes rain, and other particles have a white color sometimes too… i really wanna be able to use this shader without the problems please fix 😀

  2. Enharmonically

    It looks really good in game, but sometimes the character appears almost completely transparent when in front of water instead of being opaque like players should be. Other than that the shader is great.

  3. Lagtim3

    Hello! I’m loving everything about this shader pack (the ‘wave’ effect is my favorite part <3) but I am running into two issues that I haven't been able to fix myself:

    1.) I can hear rain, and see the particle effects of it hitting the ground, but I can't see any rain particles.

    2.) This is likely just my computer, but with GODRAYS on, the shadows update kinda… chunkily, and it's fairly distracting. Is there a fix in the options for this or do I just need to order a better computer part?

  4. John The Speeder

    Everyone Else
    If You Don’t See Anything You Don’t Have Optifine You Need Optifine For Every Shader

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