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Mo’ Creatures Mod 1.12.2 → 1.10.2

Mo' Creatures Mod adds over 50 new creatures, mythical creatures, a pet system, hunting, and biome-specific creatures to Minecraft.

CreatedApr 6, 2015
UpdatedOct 17, 2018
  • 3.92 (50)

  • ❤️ 14
  • 11.5M

Who doesn’t want more creatures crawling, slithering, and flying around in their Minecraft world? If you don’t, you’re definitely in the wrong place. The Mo Creatures mod 1.12.2 adds many new critters and creatures to Minecraft, with a total of more than 40 new mobs you can interact with, fight against, and sometimes run away from. You get a real assortment here, too, with a handful of violent monsters, some friendly mobs, animals that can be tamed and farmed for resources, and even a couple of creatures that can be equipped with a saddle and ridden around like a horse.

Regarding creature mods, Mo Creatures is one of the best. The only bad thing about Mo Creatures is the fact the mod doesn’t work with the latest version of Minecraft all the time. The latest release is only suitable for Minecraft 1.12.2, so using it with 1.19 or 1.16.5 and up could lead to some undesired function or a total lack of function in the form of crashes and load failures. Updates are planned for this mod so that it will work with newer versions of Minecraft, but right now, there’s nothing like that available. Keep that in mind if you use many other mods compatible with any 1.19 client.

If you don’t want to download the mod and try it for fear of how long it will take, then you’re in luck. The Mo Creatures mod has a server of its own at Whether it’s online and available or not is a different story, but if you can catch the server when it is online, you can try the mod yourself without downloading anything since the mod is hosted on the server by default. If you like what you see with all the new creatures, you can simply download the mod and start using it.

There are many new creatures, including some that seem like they should have been around in vanilla Minecraft for a while now. There are snakes, birds, and turtles, to name a handful of passive mobs. Horses are also included but were added to Minecraft in 1.11 by default. The Mo Creatures mod includes werewolves, crocodiles, ogres, and piranha monsters, which are liable to take a bite out of you if you head into the water without a boat.

Mo’ Creatures compatible versions:
  • 1.12.2
  • 1.12.1
  • 1.10.2
  • 1.8.9
  • 1.8.8
  • 1.8.7
  • 1.8.6
  • 1.8.5
  • 1.8.4
  • 1.8.3
  • 1.8.2
  • 1.8.1
  • 1.8
  • 1.7.10
  • 1.7.2
  • 1.6.4


Let's take a look at what Mo’ Creatures Mod has to offer.

  • 🐎
    New Creatures
    The mod adds over 50 new creatures to Minecraft, including horses, bears, big cats, sharks, and more.
  • 🐲
    Mythical Creatures
    Mo' Creatures also includes mythical creatures like unicorns, wyverns, and dragons.
  • 🦜
    Pet System
    Players can tame and keep pets, which offer unique abilities and benefits, such as flying and swimming.
  • 🏹
    The mod offers hunting as a new gameplay mechanic, allowing players to hunt animals and monsters for resources and loot.
  • 🌎
    Biome-Specific Creatures
    Some creatures only spawn in certain biomes, making exploration more exciting and rewarding.

How To Install Mo’ Creatures Mod

This guide will explain how to quickly download and install the Mo’ Creatures Mod with Forge for Minecraft.

  1. Installing Minecraft Forge

    Download and install the latest Forge version for your Minecraft version.
    Download Forge

  2. Download Mo’ Creatures Mod

    Go to the download section and get the mod jar file.
    Make sure to download a mod version that is compatible with the mod loader you have installed.

    Jump to Download Section

  3. Download Mo’ Creatures Dependencies

    To avoid game crashes and ensure a smooth gaming experience, make sure to download only the necessary dependencies and avoid incompatible ones.
    You may choose to install optional and recommended dependencies to access additional content and support.

    Jump to Dependencies

  4. Install Mo’ Creatures Mod

    Place the downloaded Mo’ Creatures mod jar file in your mods folder in the .minecraft directory.

  5. Install Dependency

    Copy or move the downloaded dependency jar file(s) to your mods folder in your Minecraft directory.

  6. Launch Minecraft

    Start the Minecraft launcher and make sure you have the Forge profile selected.

  7. Successfully Installed

    The game should load normally, as well as all mods and dependencies.
    In the unlikely event of a crash, make sure you have the correct version of all mods installed and that all are compatible.
    You can also request help via the developer's official links or by leaving a comment on this page.


There is only 1 dependency available for Mo’ Creatures.

📥 Mo’ Creatures Mod — Download

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