MCPE Shaders

BLPE Shaders

BLPE Shaders for Minecraft PE

Turn your pocket Minecraft into something much more beautiful with the BLPE Shaders. Experience a more vibrant gameplay with enhanced colors, beautiful lighting, shiny water and more. This…

Alto Shader

Alto Shader for Minecraft PE

Prepare yourself for some extreme Minecraft graphics right in the palm of your hands with the Alto Shader Pack! This high-end Shader pack for the Minecraft Pocket Edition…

SSPE Lightweight Shader

SSPE Lightweight Shader for Minecraft PE

If you want to improve your Minecraft experience but the other Shader packs make your game unplayable, then the SSPE Lightweight Shader pack is the solution for you!…

SEUS PE Shader

SEUS PE Shader for Minecraft PE

SEUS PE Shader is one of the most realistic and beautiful Shader pack for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Based on the original Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shader for PC, the…