BBEPC Shader for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9.4

Created way back in 2015 by Daniel Rodriguez Moya, the BBEPC Shader pack (short for Beyond Belief Engine PC) is a wonderful Shader pack that emphasizes in providing quality weather effects and cinematic effects like Depth of Field (DOF). Although the pack was abandoned by the original owner, Username Dakotah2468 continued the project and improved it quite a lot with complete permission from the owner.

What the BBEPC Shader Pack is About

Wet effect

Emphasizing on weather effects, the BBEPC Shader pack creates an effect of wetness to the ground and surface when it rains.

Motion Blur

The Shader pack provides advanced motion blur effects that’s suitable for quick movements and will make Minecraft more similar to FPS games.

Improved Water

One of the focus of the Shader pack is to improve water by giving it a physics-based movement, enhancing its clarity, and adding various effects like light refraction and landscape and sky reflection among many others.

Gentle and Natural-looking Lighting

The BBEPC Shader mod 1.12.2 provides one of the best lighting detail we have seen in a Shader pack as it features realistic level of lighting for both night and day.

Gorgeous Weather and Storm Effect

One of the many highlights of this Shader pack is its absolutely wonderful effects on stormy weathers. When there is a storm, the area will be covered with fog, the rain will become absolutely heavy, the ground will be wet and muddy, and visibility will be so low that it becomes more challenging. The way it should be!

Depth of Field

One feature of this pack is the depth of field which gives it a solid cinematic effect by blurring everything outside point of view and focusing only on what the user is looking. Although very beautiful and perfect for taking screenshots and cinematics, it is very taxing on the PC and is better left for high-end PCs.

Calm Waving of Grass and Leaves

Waving flora and foliage in Shaders is a bit common nowadays, but this pack features smooth waves that are very relaxing and calming on the eyes.

Should You Use It?

The pack is beautiful regardless of the weather and is even more immersive when it is storming. However, it does not feature some of the advanced Shader pack effects of some popular Shader packs like Volumetric clouds and more. However, if you don’t mind the lack of features, then we can recommend the BBEPC Shader pack.

BBEPC Shader Mod Update Logs


  • Fixed white screen issue on Nvidia cards with newer drivers.


  • Added: Rain water effects on blocks and other misc.


  • Initial release by Daniel

Known Bugs:

  • Will not display red effect from Random things bloodmoons and can cause the screen to go black at certain heights during the event.
  • Witchery mod werewolf mode messes with lens flare and haze.
  • Ignore the gbuffers_weather message. It does not effect anything.

How to install BBEPC Shader Mod?

To install the BBEPC Shader pack, you must first make sure to have the latest Graphics drive installed in your system and have either the Optifine mod or the GLSL Shader mod installed. To properly install the Shader pack, follow the steps below.

  1. Download and install either Optifine Mod and GLSL Shader Mod
  2. Run Minecraft with the required mod at least once to generate the necessary folder.
  3. Download the Shader pack from below.
  4. Copy the downloaded file and paste it to the Shaderpacks folder inside the Minecraft directory
  5. Activate the Shader inside Minecraft by going to Settings > Video Settings > Shaderpacks.
  6. Enjoy.

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  1. Julien


    This is an amazing shaders pack. The rendering of your hand and items that you are holding is really bugging me. Is there a way you can disable it? Thanks

  2. Osok

    Hi I have [Shaders] Error: Invalid program “gbuffers_weather”
    I followed the instruction step by step but apparently the shader is not properly install
    the ground is black there is no textur :/

    • Dakotah2468

      I have stated in my post to ignore that error, it doesn’t effect anything and black texture issue had to do with nvidia 10 series and I plan on fixing it as soon as I find the issue.

  3. Dakotah2468

    Thanks for the review!! It was a very fascinating read and don’t worry, my next project is volumetric clouds and god rays. It isn’t in yet because I fried my pc last time I was updating stuff.

  4. Name

    This is a great shader pack! Definitely better than SEUS in my opinion. My computer can actually handle this pack, yet it still looks nice… good job!

  5. SirLaugh

    The download is trying to take me through “Ads by google” and I cant reach the actual download. Its like adfly but you cant get your download.

  6. PhantomWraith

    Ok I’m just going to state this now. The reason behind the funky blurriness of the hand and items when moving are due to the motion blur added to this texture pack to give it a more FPS like feel.

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