Wisdom Shaders for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.11.2/1.10.2

Get impressive graphics for your low-end and high-end devices with Wisdom Shaders mod 1.12.2 & 1.11.2! See the world of Minecraft in a more realistic yet vibrant light! Experiment with the filter options and have fun making wonderful videos and playthroughs. Created by username Bobcao3, pack aims to provide wonderful graphics while maintaining the highest performance possible. The creator of the pack optimized the Shader to be able to run on integrated Intel Graphics card and made it compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux.

What the Wisdom Shaders Pack is About

Bobcao3’s Wisdom Shader Pack features stunning graphics which stimulates a slightly faded-out realistic lighting and effects which will make your Minecraft look like it came out from a movie. Despite the high-end graphics, the creator did not sacrifice the performance. Users can freely tone down or up the setting as they prefer.

Quality PBR Shading

The pack use PBR (Physics based rendering) for water, metal, glass, and other shiny objects to simulate real life light reflection and refraction. It also automatically converts specular packs to PBR packs so everything would look nice and even.

Super Optimized

The creator of the pack did not compromise between performance and graphics and instead created a pack that is very optimized for low-end and high-end devices. This make the pack scale well with Intel HD Graphics and support high-end Nvidia and AMD cards.

After Effect Options

The Wisdom Shaders also has a selection of After Effects Filters like a Black & White filter, Modern Light Tone, Noise and Grain Filter, Prime Rendering Filter, 8-Bit Filter, and so much more. This makes the pack very customizable. You can also experiment with the pack’s exposure adjustment option and use it for video recording and taking wonderful screenshots.

Advanced Shader Effects

On top of all of its features are the series of advanced Shader effects that are added to the pack including volumetric lighting, atmospheric scattering fog, realistic natural boom, emissive mapping support, and more.

Recommended hardware for this shader:

  • At least 4GB of memory is recommended
  • Intel i5 or better is recommended
  • For laptop: Intel i7 or better is recommended
  • Intel HD Graphics 4400 / 5500 or better
  • Nvidia GT 650 or better is recommended
  • AMD HD 7870 / RX 460 or better

Should You Use It?

The default setting of the Wisdom Shader is set on High profile and is very heavy on the system. However, it does boast one of the nicest graphics and visuals making it on par with the most popular Shader packs like the SUES. If you have a high-end PC or laptop, then you will definitely enjoy this pack. If you have a unit with low or medium specs. Then you might want to tone down the visuals to make the game playable.

How to install Wisdom Shaders?

Before using the wonderful Wisdom Shader Pack, you must have the prerequisite mods installed, as well as use a PBR texture pack. To properly use this pack, you must follow the steps below.

  1. Download and install Optifine mod and run Minecraft at least once.
  2. Download the Shader Pack from below.
  3. Drag and drop the shader file (.zip) to the Shaderpacks folder inside your Minecraft directory.
  4. Download a PBR texture pack of your choice.
  5. Drag and drop the PBR texture pack to the resourcepack folder inside Minecraft directory.
  6. Enable Specular2PBR conversion in the Shaders configuration screen.
  7. Use the Shader and the PBR resource pack.
  8. Enjoy.


  1. Darrell

    great shader. however I’m having a problem where when it’s sunny and I’m outside. the clouds/lighting shimmers whenever i move the screen. It’s very distracting…any idea how to fix it?

  2. S.C.

    How do I download this properly? I put it into the resource packs folder but then when I launch minecraft it doesn’t appear in the options>resource packs section HELP

    • Toni

      You go into the Minecraft Folder,Put the Shader from Downloads into SHADER PACKS and when its in shaderpacks you can open it ingame in “GraphicSettings” but only if you got OPTIFINE.

    • Kova

      Hey, the way you add a shader pack is
      click the folder icon on your task bar, click where it says “this pc” or whatever at the top long bar, click it and type in %appdata% this should bring you to another folder which has .minecraft, open that folder, you should have a folder in there called “shaderpacks” no “” if you dont just create a folder called “sharepacks” no caps and without quotations, once you have that drop your .zip shader packs into there and launch up minecraft use the shaders mod or optifine 🙂 enjoy!

    • Amtraxx

      This is a shaders mods, you put it into the shaderpacks folder (If it’s not there then make one), and use optifine to use it (options>video settings>shaders).

    • kammeran

      you need to put it in the shader packs folder, install optifine and install it into the shaders folder, then it will work but make sure your pc can handle the shaders 🙂

  3. AwesomeAkash

    hey S.C i will help you 😀
    first download optifine ,double click it and install it ,
    put your shader pack on shaderpack folder in your minecraft directory
    launch minecraft on optifine profile ,go to settings and enable your shader pack

  4. Snow

    Hey Gouys, i did ( i think ) everything correctly, but the Shader Butten wont show up, Forge, Optifine, is installed, but when i go into the settings, the Shader settings button isnt showing up heres a screen shot http://prntscr.com/i2gfij

    also does this look correct for the RSS packs? http://prntscr.com/i2gfqi other than that, how does a shader pack that works for 1.12.2 offer support for one of these RSS’s? there both Old from the link he has.

    please help, and thanks!

  5. idk what my name is

    why cant i see the water?
    and the sky is just yellow. when i changed it
    to night it was still yellow

  6. Ushwi_Hobak

    the sun glare is killer and i cant see very far under water with pack on. other than that it looks super real. anyone know what settings to change so i can see under water and get rid of the sun glare?

  7. Odion

    Hello! Awesome shader! I really like the waves!
    But I have a question: the ambient occlusion (i guess) creates a very milky vision, as if i am always running through fogg. Is there a way I can remove or lighten this effect?

  8. Joss

    Not usable with Minecraft 1.12.2 as the PBR resource pack is not updated to support this version.
    Just wasted an hour trying to install this.

  9. Rasya

    Ini Shader Yang Paling Keren Dihidupku Saya Bisa Melihat Minecraft Menjadi Seperti Dunia Asli Terima Kasih Sudah Menambahkan Shader Ini

  10. Aisu Tistoto

    So… I have a problem, whenever I run it, no matter what I do, I can see the clouds through everything, and also see through the items I am holding. Help fix please?

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