VoxelMap Mod for Minecraft 1.12/1.11.2/1.10.2

What is a key component of any exploration game? Why, a minimap of course! While Minecraft is highly regarded as one of the best sandbox and exploration games out there, it unfortunately does not contain a minimap. Sure, the player can craft a paper map, but that requires both crafting the map and bringing it out every time the player feels lost. On top of that, the map that players can craft in the game does not show very much information, and it has a very limited space that it can show to the player. In a virtually endless game that can be loaded to a virtually endless map, it is incredibly easy to get lost. Players new to the game may often find themselves getting lost and having to restart the game into a new world. Even players who have years logged in may find themselves completely lost at one point or another.


A simple and effective remedy to this colossal problem is VoxelMap. VoxelMap creates an in-game minimap at the top left corner of the screen, serving as a map fixed to the HUD of the screen. But it doesn’t stop there. VoxelMap Mod creates a huge amount of detail to the mapping aspect, so players are sure to know where they are and how to go to their desired destination. On top of the simple visual features, VoxelMap also adds a great level of technical features as well. One such feature is waypoints, a location set by the player. A player could set a waypoint at the house they built, a Nether portal, an End portal, a nice cave they found, or even their favorite fishing location. With VoxelMap, a player can see this waypoint and teleport to that location. Tired of trekking back and forth to that cave full of diamonds you can’t seem to carry? Simply enable waypoints and teleport back and forth! Cleaning out a cave and hauling all the goods back home has never been easier!


Another great feature that VoxelMap Mod for Minecraft 1.12 has to offer are mob icons on the screen. If a player is near a cave and wants to know what kind of baddies are in store for them to fight, VoxelMap is a great way to tell what a player will be going up against. Worried about a creeper coming along and ruining your day? VoxelMap will have a portrait of the creeper on the screen, and it will give its general location as well. Knowing is half the battle, and VoxelMap will let the player know just what kinds of mobs they are up against. On the less combatant side, this feature is a great way of keeping track of livestock or villagers within an area.


As with a traditional map, VoxelMap Mod 1.12 allows the player to view their entire explored world at any time. Simply bringing up the full view will allow the player to get a better look at what they have already explored with great detail. This feature is something the vanilla experience has somewhat integrated, but it requires multiple maps to be posted up to a certain area. With VoxelMap, players can now bring a full sized map with them wherever they go!

Mod Showcase:

VoxelMap Mod for Minecraft 1.12 and 1.11 Changelogs

  • Fix for mooshroom and spider jockey icons
  • Less likely to hit out of memory errors
  • Allow voxelmap keys to be bound to mouse buttons (and have them remembered on next load)
  • Biome labels on the world map (calculated, and displayed, only after visible regions finish loading)
  • The end dimension persistent map can now show structures above y level 90
  • Regions created with invalid metadata (from before 1.8) will now load in the persistent map in 1.8
  • Setting worldmap max zoom to 32x remembered for next session (previously reset to 16x)
  • Uses less direct buffer memory, fix for an occasional crash on initialization (for users whose direct buffer memory was all used)
  • Fix for rare crash on initialization in the font renderer (NPE)
  • Slight reduction in memory and storage space for underground dimensions (10 percent-ish)

How to install VoxelMap Mod?

  1. All you do is to download the Minecraft Forge and install it first.
  2. Now you need to download VoxelMap; the download links are below of this text.
  3. Move the downloaded .jar into the mods folder.
  4. That was it!

Download VoxelMap Mod

Credit: MamiyaOtaru – Do not forget to check official thread for more information!


  1. Litargirio

    This is a great mod. Shame that the guys at LiteLoader are lazy and we don’t get to use the 1.9 version…

    If only this was compatible with forge, which has been updated to 1.9 ages ago…

  2. e wilhoit

    “Now you need to download TooManyItems; the download links are below of this text.”

    maybe it was ‘below this text’ , but it isn’t today. nothing called TooManyItems on the page
    and the link that says ‘download … map’ doesn’t have work either

  3. Denny Holub

    Today games are not viewed only as a child’s venture; there are very many adults who enjoy the challenges that are presented by most games. There are several games in the market today but one of the most popular games is the Minecraft game. Minecraft is loved by many, mostly because of its uniqueness; having to build your own world instead of playing in a world that has already been set out for you. The little but very important modifications make the game more interesting.

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