Storage Drawers Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.11.2

Storage Drawers is a mod that adds a little more variety to your drawers. In real life, you probably have drawers in your home designed for one specific item only. So why in the Minecraft world do you have only one treasure chest to put anything?

Now you don’t have to. With this mod, you can create drawers designed to hold one kind of item only, allowing you to retrieve any needed items with ease.

Controlling the drawers is quite easy. When you right-click, you insert your entire stack you have in your hand into the drawer. Double right click and you can put inventory items into the drawer. A left click will put one item in there, while shift and left click will take out an entire stack from the drawer. When you shift and right click when your hand’s empty, you can see how many items are in the drawer.

It’s quite easy to use. The drawers come in different sizes as well, allowing different storage depending on what you have.

It’s an aesthetically pleasing mod, as well as a cool way to keep your items organized. If you’re looking for a good way to spruce up your home, why not give it a try?

Storage Drawers Mod Changelogs

  • Fixed items not being accepted by full compacting drawers when void upgrade present.
  • Fixed last item extracted from drawer being voided.
  • When holding drawer key in left hand, drawers will be locked when placed.
  • Fixed slots visually zeroing out when opening GUI with item counts >= 128.
  • Fixed item duplication with other mods in certain circumstances with compacting drawers.
  • Changed config language to reference sneak instead of shift key.

How to install Storage Drawers Mod?

  1. All you do is to download the Minecraft Forge and install it first.
  2. Now you need to download Storage Drawers + Chameleon (1.8 versions and newer depend on the Chameleon library), the download links are below of this text.
  3. Move the downloaded .jar into the mods folder (%appdata%/.minecraft/mods). If this folder does not exist, create one.
  4. That was it!

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